Favorite Links to Visit


Want to dance Ballroom and Latin? Check out Sunshine Dancing Association


For instructional videos, CDs and more. A great Tango website. Owned by Juan Fabbri, founder of the legendary Club Almagro in BsAs [unfortunately now closed]. Has taken over Daniel Trenner's Bridge to the Tango company. http://www.thetangocatalogue.com 
One of my favorite websites, with a webmaster who is truly passionate about Tango music. http://totango.net 


For anyone who runs practicas or milongas, check out these fantastic Tanda CDs from the ToTango website. http://totango.net/cd2.html 

Going on holiday? Check out these websites to find out where you can Tango before you leave Hong Kong:

Planet Tango http://www.planet-tango.com
Christian's Tango and Bandoneon Info. http://www.inorg.chem.ethz.ch/group/cm/index.html