All photos on this page, and elsewhere in this web-site, were taken during actual performances. For a larger view, click the thumbnail photo you like and return to this page using the back-button on your browser.

BA.JPG (56570 bytes)
Show-Time in Buenos Aires
lSheraton.JPG (64321 bytes)
Elegance at the Sheraton Hotel
GP 1.JPG (73144 bytes)
Sexy at GP Night Club
Fringe.JPG (63871 bytes)
Performing Arts at 
the Fringe Club
Tango rev.JPG (71304 bytes)
I'm Keith's dog - my name is Tango
Scott's 1.JPG (57674 bytes)
Sunshine air-borne at Scott's
K&S-ST4.jpg (32988 bytes)
Keith in funny hat at 
Sha Tin Plaza
K&S-ST3.jpg (21319 bytes)
Tango-Kiss at Sha Tin Plaza
CC 1.JPG (70186 bytes)
Keith's funny hat again - at the H.K. Cultural Centre
KandSCC5.jpg (15970 bytes)
Great legs
Scott's 2.JPG (67129 bytes)
Don't try this at home
KandSDB.jpg (30029 bytes)
A breezy day in
Discovery Bay
KandSSn.jpg (42634 bytes)
Dancing for the kids 
at Snoopy's World
KandSHCB.jpg (30596 bytes)
The Harvard Charity Ball
Harvard.JPG (61208 bytes)
End of the Show
Amanda 2.JPG (55387 bytes)
Sunshine's daughter, Amanda 
in her performance debut, 
aged 13
Amanda 1.JPG (53561 bytes)
Amanda's spectacular ending
BV.JPG (68284 bytes)
A little glamour - ain't it fun!
kands lp.jpg (29248 bytes)
Show-time at La Placita
kands lp2.jpg (55072 bytes)
La Placita again
Marina.JPG (67844 bytes)
Tango Passion from 
Keith and Sunshine
Kand_SSch1.JPG (787611 bytes)
Sunshine's high kick
K&S CCP.jpg (65244 bytes)
At last, Keith has a tango hat
from Buenos Aires
TP.JPG (122902 bytes)
Keith, still standing at the end 
of a 6- lady tango
Scott's 2004.JPG (82533 bytes)
Another great tango hat from BsAs
kands 2004.JPG (84947 bytes)
The end of another show
CanCan.JPG (114577 bytes)
Our fabulous tangueras prepare
for a Cancan performance 
C Club 1.jpg (774212 bytes)
Working at C-Club,
Lan Kwai Fong
C Club 3.jpg (902812 bytes)
Having fun at C-Club
C Club 2.jpg (55048 bytes)
Show-time at C-Club
C Club 4.jpg (299936 bytes)
Ain't life fun!
Students 1.jpg (884299 bytes)
Show-time by our students
Yvonne 1.jpg (664252 bytes)
Keith with one of his favourite 
tangueras - the beautiful Yvonne