Tango dance and music are parts of Argentine Culture that are now widely popular around the world. Tango is danced [and taught] in many different ways in many different places but, at the Hong Kong Tango Academy, the ‘real’ Tango is the Social Tango of Argentina and, in particular, Tango Milonguero Style, which is the Tango danced in the traditional milongas of Buenos Aires.  

With regular visits since 1998, we’ve spent nearly 2 years studying, dancing and living Tango in the city of Buenos Aires. This is where we learned [and continue to learn] our Tango and this is the Tango that we dance and want to teach others to dance.  

So what is so special about Tango Milonguero Style? Firstly, it’s not about the steps or pre-learned figures. Instead, the most important elements are the embrace, which is close, and simply walking and moving together to the rhythms of the music.  

“Tango is a feeling that is danced.” 

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Welcome to the Hong Kong Tango Academy - the premier Tango location in Hong Kong.

If you want to dance Tango, take Tango lessons or just talk about Tango, then the Hong Kong Tango Academy is the place for you.

For group classes or private lessons [$650/hr], call Keith on 9104-5307 or e-mail keith@tangohk.com

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